Grounded in Nature

By Sandy Priester.  

As summer winds down, I have been reflecting on the healing power of nature. I have spent a fair amount of time in the mountains this summer, and am aware of just how grounding nature can be.  

Being grounded means that you are present in your physical body and connected to the earth (as opposed to living in your head). Hiking, walking, or just sitting in nature are some of the easiest ways to become grounded, especially if focusing on what you are seeing, hearing, etc.  

I remember an experience I had many years ago.  I had just driven half an hour to my job. And when I arrived I did not remember anything about my drive.  I was stunned to realize that I had been driving completely on autopilot, and was not consciously present AT ALL. My awareness of just how dangerous this was started a 20-year journey with learning and practicing grounding.  

As a healer, this has been particularly important for me because it is difficult to bring healing into the physical plane (ie impact the physical body) if we as the connecting agent are not grounded.

Additionally, there are many other benefits to grounding. Although research is still in its infancy, early studies indicate that grounding may have a positive influence on inflammation, pain, healing, and mood.  My belief is that our collective disconnection from nature has had a profound negative impact on our health. But this can be changed. 

So how does one ground?  During the hot summer months, this is easy.  Go outside, take off your shoes and socks, and put your bare feet on the earth. Five to ten minutes can do wonders. Plus, it gives you a chance to really be present to the sights and sounds of our natural world. 

Or . . . you can practice what most energy workers do before they begin a LifeSpark session. Imagine that you are a tree and send your energetic roots down deep into the earth. Close your eyes and see if you can feel or sense the energy and pulse of the earth. With practice, this effect can be achieved from anywhere in seconds.  

Make this the year that you develop a deeper connection with the earth, and find out just how grounded you can be.  The benefits may surprise you.

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