Good Health Begins With You

by Sandy Priester

I have always loved to walk. Being in nature is something I really enjoy, and over the years, when I am in other parts of the metro area, I pull out my map, find the nearest park or open space, and go explore. However, other forms of exercise have not come so easily for me.

A few years ago, I developed ankle problems, and one solution was ankle stretches. I have never been one to do stretches. But being determined to find a natural solution, I started doing two minutes of stretches each night. Slowly, over time I got used to stretching and even began to look forward to adding new ones. I have now added leg and back stretches, and the positive impact on my ankle and overall flexibility is significant!!!

We all know what we “should” do to stay healthy. But healthy habits can be hard to establish. I recommend starting small, with one simple change. Make it something easy, (and I mean EASY). Stick with it until you notice a change in your thinking or your body. Take the time necessary (it took me 3 to 4 months, with a few stops and starts, to begin to really value my stretches). Only then will you add another action or change.

In today’s world, we need every advantage possible to stay healthy. Small changes, made over time can add up to big benefits down the road. Good health starts with you, your decisions, and your actions. What small step will YOU begin today?

If you need some ideas, here is a great article on five ways to boost your immune system.

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