Where We Go From Here

10/13/2021.  By Sandy Priester

Before Covid, LifeSpark was providing hands-on Reiki and Healing Touch sessions for people with cancer at 26 locations along the Colorado front range.  

During Covid:  In March of 2020 when Covid first became a pandemic, we had to quickly switch our program to remote sessions to keep everyone safe. People were willing to try this new format for Reiki and Healing Touch sessions, and the response was overwhelmingly positive.   

We did not turn anyone with cancer away, including people from 16 other states besides Colorado who requested our services. However, in spite of this, 90% of the people we have served are still right here in Colorado.  

Our remote program has been so successful that we will continue delivering remote sessions. It has made our services available to people who cannot get to our physical locations due to health, scheduling, transportation, or geographic issues.  

Where we go from here.  A lot of people are now requesting in-person sessions, and we are hoping to make them available early next year. This will, in effect, give us two programs, remote and in-person. 

LifeSpark has a goal of raising $50,000 by the end of the year to raise the funds needed to cover the additional costs associated with in-person sessions.  We have already raised $26,000. Your donation will help us make our services available regardless of whether someone requests remote or in-person sessions. $40 pays for one LifeSpark session. $120 pays for one month of peace and calm, and $480 pays for four months of LifeSpark support. 

Your kindness and generosity will help loved ones with cancer find peace and healing during one of the most difficult times of their life.

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